What Happens If A Tenant Isn’t Paying Rent

Posted on 10 March 2020

When renting your property to a new tenant, they are contractually obliged to pay you rent every month for using your property as their own. It can cause very serious issues if your tenants have stopped paying you the agreed amount of rent, no matter the circumstances. If this is the case at any point, then it will typically end up with a court date and the judge ordering the tenant to pay back whatever they owe the landlord.

The best advice given that I can advise you to do is to cut communication as soon as possible and to take legal action. If you do not do this, then it is likely that the situation will take longer to resolve. However, I would always ask the tenant first the reason of why they are not paying, and if there is any way that they can fix this.

Put simply, as a landlord you have the right to charge rent and to receive rental payments when they are due. You also have the right to receive proper notice to end the tenancy if and when your tenant decides to move out. However, away from your basic legal rights, your tenancy agreement may grant added rights and responsibilities to the tenant and/or landlord.

If you are a landlord, you should not worry as you are guaranteed to have your money paid back. If you have any queries such as this however, don’t forget to contact us and we will be sure to help you!

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