Our History

Kilnstone Property

Jay, the founder of Kilnstone Property, has had a family background that always involved business and property, dating back to the 1960s. The Limbachia family are known within the community to be very charitable in helping those around them.


It all started when Jay renovated his first 2-bedroom property and advertised rental via word of mouth. It became a realisation to Jay at this point, that pursuing a career in Lettings is where he belongs.


Jay began reaching out to people via telephone, door to door canvassing, leafleting & attending various events in order to find potential tenants and landlords. In year 1 of operation, Kilnstone Property managed to secure multiple properties hitting a landmark of 15 properties in year 1.


2012 was a significant year for Kilnstone Property. We started building relationships with Local Authorities and Governing Bodies to help house vulnerable individuals as well as build a strategy that was niche within the industry.


Kilnstone Property moved into their first office, hitting the milestone of 100 properties on the rental market!


Kilnstone Property continued to get bigger and partnered with various vendors to build on their services offering to their tenants and Landlords. It was also the year Kiran (Current Head of Operations) began her career at Kilnstone Property.


Kilnstone Property expanded its service proposition encompassing commercial lets, property sales, mortgages, portfolio expansion for landlords, serviced accommodation and property advice.


The business grew internally forming a more specific departmental structure. This led to an organised structure with various teams for commercial, service accommodations, land & developments, and property sales.


We became a national estate agent!


We upgraded our offices as we grew with our investment portfolio clients bringing on more national and overseas investors.


Kilnstone Property continued growing.


Kilnstone Property volunteered in aid of Crawley Open House. We also worked with Horsham, Mid Sussex and Crawley council and housed over 150 homeless/vulnerable individuals into temporary accommodation to aid with the government's requirements to help the surge in Coronavirus.

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