Investment of £25m For Your Town!

Posted on 6 March 2020

You may or may not have seen that recently, the government is looking to invest at least £25 million into 101 different places in the UK. Now, usually you may hear this and think “This money is going to go to waste”. However, they have decided that they want YOU to choose how this investment is spent. It is important that you check whether your town/city is involved in this investment, because then you can put forward your ideas of how your area could dramatically improve.

Instead of the government spending money on ‘little things’ such as unnecessary roadworks, you can decided how this money is spent to greatly benefit your area! Examples that I could think of to do, is to give small businesses more funding and less chance of failure, more help towards the homeless and providing jobs and homes to people who need it, and also an increase in funding in mental health work for young people.

Obviously, these are just ideas that I have thought about and that I am looking to put across to the government, however if you have any ideas on how this mass investment could improve you and everyone else in your area’s current living situation, then make sure you visit and search up £25m investment. Once you have done this, look for your town and submit your idea!

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