How Coronavirus May Affect the Economy of the UK

Posted on 9 March 2020

Coronavirus has recently been a very serious issue that a lot of people are worrying about. It has been one of the biggest and scariest virus in recent years that has caused the world to take very serious measures into stopping this virus getting exposed and bigger.

There has been lots of talk on how the virus may affect the global economy. It is likely, but not certain that it could cause a recession within the economy. This is because of the measures that have been taken into place to stop the disease spreading further. Measures such as cancelling global flights to certain places. This means that airlines are going to lose a tonne of money, certain countries are going to lose a lot of tourists which will also mean that they will lose lots of income. Less tourism for a country tends to heavily affect the countries economy, especially if it heavily relies on it. For example a country like France, it is the highest visited country in the world by tourists.

To stop this spreading it is heavily recommended that you look after your hygiene as much as possible. This should be a standard procedure anyway, however it is now very important to ensure that you wash your hands everyday and that you do not touch your face (eyes, mouth and nose) without your hands being clean. Coronavirus to this day has had 110,000 confirmed cases within a time stamp of about 50 days. Of those 110,000 affected there has been just over 3,800 deaths. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has suggested that the global death rate is actually 3.4%

If you think that you may be affected by this virus or you are worried, then make sure that you take all steps provided on the NHS website to prevent it (Wash hands thoroughly) etc…

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