What Is Short Term Accommodation

Posted on 5 March 2020

Short Term Accommodation takes place when someone needs a place to stay, but they are not living there permanently. For example, a hotel or a serviced accommodation is short term accommodation. This, is most commonly used when people are going on holiday, or when people are in a location for a limited amount of time.

Short term accommodation is also for people who may have a limited amount of time in a country or area. For example, if someone who traveled from the US to England, and they had a ‘1 year visa’ then they would only need accommodation for the year that they are there. They will not need it for longer than a year because they will be unable to stay in the accommodation that they are paying for.

Short term accommodations are also completely serviced. This means that you will have everything set up for you when you get there, and you do not have to pay for anything such as Wi-Fi, furniture or lights etc… You may be able to tell this because when you go to stay in a hotel you don’t necessarily need anything else rather than yourself and your clothes. The bed is set and made for you, there is a bathroom with all appliances working, and there is also a TV and a phone to call the reception if you need any help!

If you are looking for a short term accommodation, then we can help you! We have many that we can help you move into. If you contact us at Kilnstone Property, on the details provided below, then we will help you!

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