Crawleys History

Posted on 6 March 2020

Crawley is the town that we are based in. It is in the south east of England and is in the region of ‘West Sussex’. The current population of Crawley is 106,000, however this was last measured in a 2011 census, so it is likely to have grown since then.

Crawley was first designated as a new town on January 9 1947. Just after World War II. Obviously, since then a lot has changed with the town, and it has expanded a lot! At first, it was it was a very small town that was based near London and Gatwick which was originally made up of 3 villages. They were; Crawley, Ifield and Three Bridges. At first, the government designed Crawley to only have 9 neighborhoods, however, since there has been an increase and there are now 14! With the latest addition being Forge Wood.

Crawley is the largest inland town of West Sussex. It was originally designed so that every neighborhood would have a neighborhood centre with shops, a primary school, church, community centre and pub. Crawley has made stars such as Gareth Southgate, Romesh Ranganathan etc…

Nowadays, Crawley is booming within the property market. Especially because of factors such as its location, which is the south of England, near both Brighton and London, while also being very close to Gatwick Airport. This makes Crawley a very appealing place, especially for short term accommodation due to its near location to Gatwick Airport, and also because its only a quick train journey away from London!

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