We Will Always Look After You and Your Property – Our Promise To You

Posted on 21 February 2020

Recently there has been a lot of press around rented accommodation being used for purposes other than for honest, hard working people to live in.

Here at Kilnstone we pride ourselves on our thorough criteria and follow-up process which gives assurance to our clients that incidents like this can be minimised wherever possible.

Inspections, background checks and follow up meetings are all part of the Kilnstone process that gives credence to our methodology of working.

The nature of our industry is that tougher measures are constantly being adhered to and we pride ourselves that we keep up to date with all new changes that come through.

One of the greatest aspects of our job is being able to help families and couples who are think they are not in a position to get the property they dream of.  We will always endeavor to help anyone we can have their dream property or help them start the process to attaining it.

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