When I Pay My Mortgage Off What Do I Do?

Posted on 24 February 2020

People may wonder, ‘What can I do once my mortgage is paid?’ Well, there is many different things you can do. However make sure you focus on paying off your mortgage, because if you are not able to then you may be at risk of losing your property you own.

As you now have more disposable income, you can now use this to pay off other debts that may be outstanding or owed on a monthly basis. For example, credit card bills or student loans. You have to pay this off anyway, however you can now maybe speed up the process, and get it sorted out quicker. So that you will have less bills to pay and a more cost efficient future.

Again, you now have more disposable income. This can be helpful for money making tactics such as investments. Investments especially in property can be a very good way of making money, but only if you do this correctly. If you would like someone to guide you through how to invest in property, then make sure to contact us as we can help you!

One final thing that you can do, is that you can work towards saving up towards goals that you may set. For example, you may want to save up at least £5,000 so that you can have a really nice holiday. Or you may want to use that money for other life experiences. All in all, its down to you, however it is good to save money to have spare in case it is needed in the future.

Once more, if you would like any advice on property and the market and how you could invest your money, then please contact us and we will be here to help!

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