Tenant Responsibilities

Posted on 11 February 2020

Both landlords and tenants will have different responsibilities on the property that they own/rent, in this blog we will be going through what responsibilities Tenants have and what they are liable for.

Tenant Responsibilities:

Paying Rent and Damage – The main responsibility of the tenant is to pay their rent on time, and in full. The contract should outline the agreed time and full amount of rent, so this should never be an issue or any confusion should not take place. The tenant must also make sure that no damage is caused to the property, otherwise if any damage is caused, then the thing damaged must be repaired or be paid back in full. One final thing is that if the tenant would like to make any changes to the property then they would have to notify the landlord first and notify what they want to change, so that the landlord can approve it.

Access for the Landlord and Notice given:

Tenants must give access to the property to their landlords. In any cases of inspection or to carry out any repairs that may be needed. The landlord should usually give about 24 hours notice on when they will visit the property, however this isn’t always the case and will mainly depend on the contract and what is agreed there.

If any tenant would like to sub let the property, permission needs to be granted by the landlord. A lot of contracts may say that this is not allowed, however once again can depend on the landlord, and could be approved. If a tenant ends up sub letting the property without letting the landlord know, then they may be in breach of contract. Also, in the case of the tenant wanting to end the agreement and leave the property, there should be an agreed amount of notice given to the landlord, so that they can advertise the property and possibly move someone else in once the tenant has left.

Contract details and Contacting the Landlord:

The tenant needs to be aware of the complete details of the contract, as some people end up signing agreements without reading the whole contract, as they want to rush moving in. Contact details should also be apart of the contract so that the landlord can always contact the tenant when necessary.



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