How Property Investment Works.

Posted on 10 February 2020

A common question that can be asked about property, is how property investment works? As there are many people in the world who are looking to either invest in property or work out how to maximise money. The goal when people invest in properties is usually to make money and there are three different ways of doing that:

First of all; A Positive Cash Flow: This would mean that the income coming from a property will be higher than the expenses

Second; Capital Growth: A Property goes up in value and the growth results in a profit

Third; Tax Advantages: This could be done through a process like depreciation where you earn a high income, pay a high tax and make an on-paper loss on your property to where you can get some tax back. You are not making a profit on the property but the offset of the tax benefit can make it profitable overall.

Property investment however can be quite hard to get into due to the fact that a lot of money is needed to get started with it. It is also a very complicated process that you need to understand what properties are likely to make you money etc… Right from the start it can be very hard because there is a lot to learn, and taking the first step can likely be a stab in the dark which may hold many investors back.

As a Property Investor, you realize that holding only one property will not be enough because one property will not be enough to make you the money you would like to make. You need to create a property portfolio to get where you need to be financially wise.

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