Pets in Properties: How Can They Affect Your Property?

Posted on 13 March 2020

Pets are extremely common for people to have, as they provide great company, are very cute, and can provide a lot of happiness to people who are lonely. Overall, in the UK, there are 27 million people in the world who own pets, with the majority being dogs, and cats. Lots of times owners with pets can find it hard to find a property that will accept them if they do have any pets, as they can cause unnecessary damage.

Here, I will show you why that is, and how common it is for you to find a property if you do currently own any pets, and what each pets behavior is like.


Dogs are the most commonly owned pet within the UK and are also the most common type of pet rejected by landlords. A dog can do a lot of damage to a property, and continuous barking is very frustrating to their neighbours. However, where there is a responsible owner and the dog is looked after properly this is not likely to happen. The most common case of damage is when dogs are left alone for a long period of time. This can get them frustrated and lots of barking and reckless behavior can occur. All dogs should be toilet trained, so that they do their business outside, rather than inside the property or in the garden.


Cats are also extremely popular pets. However they are a lot less trouble than dogs, and it is often easy for them to be left behind when their owners go on holiday or out for a substantial amount of time, provided there is a neighbour willing to feed them. Cats are very independent and spend most of their time wondering around outside. However, some cats are trained more towards being house cats and prefer to stay inside. Especially if they have any illness or are getting old. Cats should always be provided with a litter tray so they do not annoy the neighbors by digging up the garden. You should also consider getting a scratch post so that they don’t scratch up the furniture.


Birds are very smart animals and need something to keep them entertained, for example with mirrors and toys. They are also very sociable and should not be kept alone unless their owner is with them for most of the day to keep them company. They should be allowed time to come out of the cage and fly for a little bit of the day every day, and shouldn’t be kept in their cage for 24 hours a day.

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