COVID-19 Employment Risk

Posted on 18 March 2020

I am sure that if you are reading this, you are aware of the current coronavirus issue, and how it is affecting the country all over. You may also be aware that it is affecting the employment sector of the economy, and lots of people’s work life. This isn’t just affecting the real estate industry either, it ranges from the airline sector and to small businesses such as coffee shops.

Here at Kilnstone Property, we are very strongly advising all landlords out there to purchase Rental Protection Cover. This is essential because it covers you from risking your tenant not having the funds to pay your rent every month. This could be a more common occurrence now due to the fact that a lot of people are not being able to work, which means they are not able to be paid. Also, if the courts are looking to close, there will be a hold in evictions for tenants, this is another reason to make sure that you purchase this Rental Protection Cover.

Please note that, we have got you covered! We have secured a deal with out provider recently, which means that if you are a landlord currently reading this, you will need to sign up before the 2oth March 2020 so that the insurance can cover you for the COVID-19 employment risks.


What you need to do now:

 1. Email Us Write us an email containing your property address, we will respond with your quote.


2. Confirmation of Order Please respond to us in writing for confirmation that you wish to proceed.

3.Documents & Payment: We will send you the policy documents along with the invoice.


4.Relax knowing COVID-19 isn’t going to affect your rental!: Have the security by putting protection in place.


If you are interested in securing this insurance, which you really need to be, then please make sure to contact us right away and we will be of your assistance in helping you protect yourself. Our contact details will be below:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01293 278312


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