Landlord Responsibilites

Posted on 11 February 2020

Landlords are also responsible for certain things in the property that they own. Even though the tenant may be staying there, they need to ensure that the property is in good enough living conditions for the tenants to live in. Here are some of the things that the landlords will be responsible for:


Your tenants have to be able to live in the property without disturbance or unknowing visits. It is a landlords responsibility to let the tenant know at least 24 hours before you visit the property. However if an emergency is in place, this can obviously be organised differently and a 24 hour period may not be necessary.

Any possible Maintenance or Repair issues:

If there are any maintenance issues before the tenants move into the property, it has to be solved by the time that the new tenants move in. This is because the tenants will not be able to move into a property that is not fully completed, and the local authorities could possibly get involved if the property isn’t deemed completely safe.

What needs to be sorted by the time the tenant moves in, is; A water supply (with hot water installed), all electrical wiring placed safely and working efficiently. and that all basins such as baths and sinks are all in working order, all gas appliances must be safely maintained. The only time that it is not a landlords responsibility is when the damage caused to a property is due to fire or any other natural disasters.

Tenants Deposit:

The Landlord will need to register that they have received the tenants deposit at a maximum of 30 days after they receive payment from the tenant. Most of the time however, estate agents will complete this for the landlord, however is still the landlords responsibility to make sure it has been completed. At the end of the agreement, the landlord must return the deposit to the tenant. This amount has to be agreed by both parties however, and nothing will be completed until an amount is agreed.

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