How to Maintain Your Garden

Posted on 3 March 2020

If you have recently moved into a new property which has a garden, you may wonder how do I maintain it? If you leave it alone and never touch it, then it unlikely that your garden will be very presentable and nice to be in the vicinity of. Here, in this blog I shall explain to you how to maintain your garden to make sure it is looking perfect.

The first tip that I will give you, is that you continue to feed the soil with water and nutrients before you feed your plants. This is important because healthier soil means healthier plants for your garden! To look after the soil, you should also to dig it up consistently with a shovel. This is to break up any dirt clots that may be ever present. Removing these, make the soil have more space to grow more consistently and gives the plants a healthier life.

Another tip is that you need to inspect your garden for any pests that could possibly kill your plants. Many pests are hidden within gardens, such as ‘Aphids’. These are ‘sap-sucking insects’ which can produce a mass amount of damage to plants. If you find any, make sure to remove them from your garden instantly, as you do not want them to reproduce and create more. Give your plants the best chance at life!

The final tip that I will give you is that you need to generally look after your garden! By this, I mean that you need to make sure that you regularly cut the grass, so that it doesn’t overgrow. Make sure to remove all weeds that grow as they are very bad for both plants and the environment. They occupy the space that should be used for plants as they grow very quickly and get in the way. Make your garden look like a place where everyone wants to be!

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