How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Property Market

Posted on 18 March 2020

Coronavirus is probably the most talked about issue the world has ever seen. Everywhere you go, you will either see how many people have been infected, how it’s affecting different countries and everyone’s different opinions on the matter. However, today I would like to inform you on how the virus is likely to affect the property market.

This virus has led to many different measures being taken by different leaders. Some countries have had to be put into lockdown, some countries still have yet to be infected heavily. However, most of the world has been affected either way. Due to these measures that have been taken. The property market has been affected fairly hard. People are now advised not to leave their homes. This creates an issue within the market because viewings are now very hard to arrange.

If a client is looking to purchase a property, 9 times out of ten they will ask to view the property beforehand to check it is exactly what they are looking for etc… because now it is being heavily encouraged to avoid contact with people outside your household, these viewings are very unlikely to be able to occur. However there is a possibility that they could happen through Skype calls or FaceTime. However this doesn’t create the same experience for the customer.

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