Housing Market

Posted on 16 April 2020

Covid-19 has had many affects on our society and has tampered with many of our day to day activities. This has also had an impact on the housing market in the Uk.

The government has put the brakes on the housing market until the coronavirus restrictions are over, and have asked people to delay their home moves if possible and not to allow new viewings.

The number of people wanting to find out more about properties or to view them started to decline in early March, and has dropped by more than 60% over the past month. The government has recommended that people who wish to view a property should arrange with their estate agent for virtual viewings.

Following new guidance, the Government also urged buyers and sellers to negotiate new moving dates due, while we are still all in lockdown.  Additionally, evictions have been banned for the next three months, this will help reduce movements.

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