Coronavirus: Public Information

Posted on 11 March 2020

Recently, the NHS have release a leaflet which is full of public information on what to do about coronavirus. This means, how to prevent yourself from catching it, how to prevent the virus spreading, and how to stay safe!

To stay safe, you will need to do these things especially:

  • Always carry tissues with you, and use them to catch your cough and sneeze
  • Bin the tissue, then to kill the germs, wash your hands with soap and water, or use sanitiser gel
  • If you have arrived back from China within 14 days follow the specific advice for returning travellers
  • Wipe down all surfaces with anti-bacterial or obtain a professional clean from a company

This is the best way to slow down the spread of almost any germs, including coronavirus. Especially as there is no known vaccine for the disease yet, it is very important that it is shut down quickly and not spread around.

It should be already known that you need to keep your hygiene as clean as possible. However now it is more important than ever to ensure that you take extra precautions to not catch this disease. It is also noted that if you have any cold symptoms such as; sore throat, stuffed nose, then you shouldn’t panic. Common colds and other viruses are still very common, however it is extra important to follow the steps above if you have any small viruses/illnesses.

If you have any concerns then make sure to call 111 and report your concerns. If you believe that you are showing symptoms of coronavirus, then make sure to go to the coronavirus helpline through 111.

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