Brexit Leads To Housing Boom!

Posted on 17 February 2020

Since Brexit has occurred, it seems as if that it has been very beneficial to the housing market, especially in London. According to reports, some estate agents that are based in the capital of the country, have had the highest amount of interest currently, than they have had for the last 15 years!

From December to January, there was an increase of about 2.3% on the average asking price for properties. This number may not seem too high, however due to the high prices of houses in the first place, this could be an increase of a couple thousand £s.

Since the general election in the middle of December, the number of inquiries for properties has also risen fairly highly. From the 13th December, to the 15th January, there was an increase of 15% in inquiries, which shows that since Brexit is now completed, a lot of people are now happier to purchase a property because they are more confident in the market now.

Since this little boom in the industry, no one can understand what is happening with the market, and whether its going to stay high, or at some point fall. There is an incredible amount of uncertainty with this market which can lead to many people not knowing whether to buy now, or buy later.

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