What Does Lettings Mean?

Posted on 14 February 2020

What does lettings mean? If you are experienced in any sort of way about real estate you will know what lettings mean, however I know, especially from personal experience that if you are fairly new to the industry, you may not have a clear view on the meaning of lettings.

Lettings are an incredibly popular form of sales in the real estate industry, as they are important to making sales for estate agencies. The English definition of ‘Lettings’ is as follows: “Property that is leased or rented out” so it is any property that a landlord can or does rent out. Lettings are extremely common within the real estate industry and is where most of the money is made.

Clearly, lettings are not the only way of income for agents in the business, however there are certain types of agents which specialise in lettings, which are ‘Lettings Agents’. If you need advice on lettings or want to put up a property for let, then contact us here at Kilnstone Property.

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