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Posted on 5 March 2020

Recently, there has been a lot of bad press about Purple Bricks. There have been many articles recently written up complaining that they add extra costs that customers don’t know about. After reading a few reviews it seems as if Purple Bricks are not very popular with their customers.

On the webpage ‘allagents.co.uk’ there have been many reviews written up about this company. The first one I came across already had a 1 star review, with the first sentence of the review saying ‘Purple Bricks do not advertise that in addition to the so called ‘fixed fee’ regardless of a sale or not, there are additional charges. If you pay now up front you have to pay them an additional £300 plus vat at completion’ This shows that they are clearly advertising low prices, and not advertising the extra costs that they actually ask for.

Overall, on that same web page there has been 275 reviews, and a 1 star return ratio. If a company has anything less than a 3.5 star review then you may want to reconsider using their services, let alone 1 stars.

Benefits of Online Agents:

  • Online Valuation
  • Don’t have to meet the client/agent
  • Business can be done a lot faster, through online methods.

Benefits of Face to Face:

  • Meet and greet the tenant, which means you can make a judgement of who they are.
  • Personable experience with the agent/client
  • Better communication between agent/client

Us here at Kilnstone Property are both a face-to-face and online agent. So both of the benefits that I have listed above applies to our company! We are able to meet you and create a very personable experience with you, while also being able to get business done a lot faster. We have the best of both worlds to create the best possible experience for you! We provide a 5 star service to all of our clients, which you can see through our google reviews or Facebook reviews.

If you are involved in selling properties, then you will need to make sure that you announce all the fees and costs, and if you would like a 5 star service with your property needs then definitely contact us as soon as possible and help us help you!

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Phone: 01293 278312

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