J Limbachia

Posted on 6 July 2021

Since the 1960s my family has had involvement within the business world. Through this heritage, I’ve always had a spark that’s driven me to want to provide a beneficial service to those who are in need of guidance, in order to achieve the results that they desire.

After working in many industries from cleaning, admin, and corporate banking, I decided I wanted to develop myself and put the skills I have to use. From this, I found my passion through property & shortly discovered that I could utilise my artistic and creative ability, alongside my savvy business, social and analytical skills whilst doing deals.

After understanding there are several streams of income in the property business and the potential it has to support others, I knew that it was for me. Time is the most valuable asset, buying properties gives you that time.

When asked “Why property?”, it’s simple – it’s about creating cash flow from rentals and having different strategies for increasing cash flow and understanding the power of leverage.

I began my first business venture in 2006 – JL Lettings, from this I was eventually able to manage a portfolio of properties in the first 2 years.

However, after the experience gained in my first business, I wanted to grow as it was truly clear to me how much there was available to offer in the property industry. There were many different services I wanted to provide, I found and understood the problems people had with their properties in order to add value to them by recognising all the options that are available to them.

From that, Kilnstone Property was founded in 2010. Kilnstone Property takes pride in assisting all clients on their property journey by being a forward-thinking firm providing full services.

The knowledge I have acquired over the past 17 years has led to me being able to recognise, pursue, and utilise the opportunities- therefore bringing together the right place, right time, and the right price.

Knowing the value of a great opportunity means knowing when it’s a good time to expand and grow your portfolio, whether it be in finance, property, or yourself. I am truly focused on building long-term business relationships for the advancement of future generations. I believe that visualising my intended audience has always allowed me to connect the relationship between all demographics and locations.

Outside of property, I engage with yoga and meditation as well as reading self-development books which have influenced my life in a Kaizen approach. I am also a family man and enjoy time with my wife and 3 kids.

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