Why Are Estate Agents Needed?

Posted on 13 February 2020

Why are estate agents needed? Some people out there might say that estate agencies are unnecessary, however I┬ácan guarantee you that this is not true. Estate agents are the glue to the ‘Real Estate World’ and without them, the industry really would not be able to succeed as highly as it does.

Estate agents are essential to the industry because of the inside knowledge that they possess and can either pass onto the landlords they work with, or use the inside knowledge to help landlords or anyone they are in business with to increase the revenue they make.

They can also be very useful to people who are new to areas, as estate agents especially have a great knowledge of the local area they specialize in. So if any new residents moved to West Sussex, we would be in a great position to help them with their property needs and we can advise them fully on what they should buy, what they can buy and what is the best deal they could possibly get for their dream household. If you are a first time buyer it can also take a lot of stress out of the whole moving in and finding a new place to live situation.

Nowadays however, especially with the growing e-commerce market, this means that window shopping is at an all time low and the businesses that rely on window shopping for leads have been failing. Many high street agents are not able to meet the needs of their customers if they do not have a very well put together social media or online presence. Luckily, our company has a very well put together online presence and that is where we create our business from.

To sum the question up, Estate agents are needed because they have a wonderful knowledge on the real estate market which is unique and can be very important for any person that is looking to involve themselves in the industry. If you are looking for help from an estate agency, then why would you go anywhere else. We here at Kilnstone Property are here for all of your needs and will be able to assist you efficiently during our opening hours.

Q: Are you looking for an estate agent? If so, what are you looking for and what stands out to you in how you choose which estate agency you involve yourself with?

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