Skills You Need To Work In Real Estate

Posted on 19 February 2020

Working in real estate can be terribly tricky. There are lots of skills that you will need to be successful in the industry, due to the many different job types there are. However, no one is expected to be amazing at every skill possible to work in this industry, its all about learning, and learning the tricks of the trade.

The main skill that you will need to learn/have is sublime communication skills. Within real estate, communication is key and happens everywhere. Communication is especially important with sales, and if you are trying to sell something very expensive (such as houses and properties) then it is essential that you have the ability to SELL. If not then it is unlikely that you will be very successful as you will not be making enough profits to continue with your business.

Effective communication skills is all about more than being able to talk the talk. You need to be able to have very engaging body language. As many communication experts say, about 55% of communication comes from the body language of the speaker, 38% is the tone of voice of the speaker, and about 7% is the actual words being spoken. As you can see by this, you don’t have to be the most literate person to be an excellent communicator. All you need is to use the correct body language, a positive tone of voice that makes you come across as confident, and to be enthusiastic about what it is you are selling!

If you make it look as if you are confident in what you are trying to sell, and that you believe in it, you are bound to find customers that will believe you and you can sell to. Obviously, however this can take a while to learn. My advice is to watch some videos on how to do this, and keep practicing!

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