Maintenance Packages

Posted on 7 April 2020

We at Kilnstone property are here to ensure that your property is always at it’s best standard possible. We want that Landlords are always up to the current Legislation, therefore we are presenting monthly maintenance packages.


We will offer a full range of property maintenance services with the right combination of efficiency and professionalism to provide a fantastic quality service which is right for you. Essentially, we work to ensure your property needs are supported and the people within your property are kept happy.


We aim to alleviate the stress of your home projects and renovations by offering a range of domestic services. Our dedicated team can help with everything related to internal and external property related issues, we can put packages in place to rectify and put packages together.


We also include a Handyman service; which is a scheduled visit for a day. Our professional team will not only liaise with you to ensure that all of your maintenance issues are rectified, but they will also offer practical advice and solutions to any other concerns you may have with other works that are required. This will be paid at a daily rate, and they will solve all the your issues you may have in the house, this will not only save you money but also will leave you in the knowledge that a professional will be on the case.


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Phone: 01293 278312

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