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Posted on 26 June 2020

As a result of the pandemic, borrowing costs have drastically fallen in banks. Which has resulted in a respective dip in the cost of fixed-rate mortgage deals.

Best-buy two-year fixed-rate mortgage deals have decreased to below 1.15%. While some banks may now only be offering a two-year fixed interest rate of 1.14% for people with a 40% deposit on their new home. Several other lenders are offering two-year fixed-rate loans with interest rates of 1.19%.

Five-year fixed-rate loans are only slightly more expensive. HSBC is offering a deal of 1.36% for homeowners borrowing 60% of their property’s value. While some other lenders are offering interest rates of 1.5% or less.

Why are fixed-rate mortgage deals dropping?

The average cost of two-year and five-year fixed-rate mortgages fell immensely in May. This massive dip occurred as a result of two emergency interest rate cuts by the Bank of England in response to coronavirus.

Although fixed-rate mortgages are not based on this rate, the fall in the official cost of borrowing had a major impact on swap rates.

Who is eligible to use the new mortgage rate deals?

While the most striking rates are only available to people with at least 40% of their home’s value to put down, there are still good deals for people who have smaller deposits.

Rates of 1.79% are also available for those borrowing 90%.Homeowners with a 25% deposit who want the security of securing their mortgage rate for five years are able to get interest rates starting at 1.46%.Those with a 10% deposit can now get interest rates of 2.16%.

Further Information

Generally, those with larger mortgages will find that it will be better to pay a high application fee to secure a lower interest rate. However, those with smaller mortgages are better off going for a less competitive rate but a lower arrangement fee.

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