Posted on 29 April 2020

Due to the Coronavirus there has been a lot of uncertainty on what will happen after Lockdown and how businesses will survive.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Crawley, research states that it will be one of Towns in the U.K. that will have major consequences post-lockdown.

Currently, 57% of Crawley’s population have unfortunately either lost their Job or are not working due to them not being Key Workers. If lockdown prolongs for a large period of time, a lot of Small businesses may not be able to be able to open again and may run out of business.

The Future of the Economy of Crawley has a heavy dependency on Gatwick. Momentarily, outbound Flights from Gatwick have dropped from 850,000 flights a day to just a few handful. This could potentially take 7 years to return to how it was prior to Lockdown, as people may show repression towards going on Holiday and being in places which is hard to social distance, even after lockdown.

Additionally, Crawley is also the home of the Largest and majorly valued Industrial Estate in Manor Royal. Manor Royal is the home of 600 businesses, which consist of 30,000 employees. A whooping 25% of work in Crawley comes from the Industrial Estate in Manor Royal.

The question is can all these businesses survive after Lockdown and what will these employees do? Unfortunately, there is a certain uncertainty around this subject, and we hope that businesses can quickly start running smoothly again.

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