Cheapest Areas To Buy A Property In The UK

Posted on 24 February 2020

Where in the UK is the cheapest area to buy a property? This can be useful for anyone who is looking to purchase a property within the UK and hasn’t got a very big budget to splash on a large house.

Leeds – Average Price: £224,000. Leeds is based within the north of England, which is usually a lot cheaper in general than the south.

Newcastle – Average Price: £219,746. Newcastle is the most popular city within the north of England. It is also the 8th most populated city in England. If you are looking for a cheap place to buy a house, then Newcastle could be the one for you!

Manchester – Average Price: £198,331. Manchester is a very nice city, with lots of things to do! Especially if you are interested in football. Manchester is home to 2 of the biggest football clubs in England, while also being near to other places such as Liverpool and Leeds.

Durham – Average Price: £172,562. Durham is based in the north east of England, like every other place on this list. Durham is a historic city that’s near Newcastle and Sunderland.

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