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Posted on 22 May 2020

This year is only expected to see half as many house sales as in 2019 because of the coronavirus outbreak, which will likely cause a low value in the property market. 

The pandemic has affected thousands of people’s lives, including the loss of jobs, daily normalities, and has had a major impact on the housing market. The pandemic has set back major sales and drastically affected the prices in the housing market. 

We have received many more low-value properties onto the market as a result of the pandemic. Analysts suggest that this may be a good time for investors to invest as properties in the U.K. have decreased in value massively. 

Analysts have stated that they have predicted a drop in house prices this year, particularly as the economy shrinks due to the coronavirus lockdown.

It has estimated a 3% dip across the UK this year and a 2% dip for London. However, research also indicates that there will be a rapid increase in house prices in 2021.

 In the longer run, it is expected that there will be a combination of low rates and rising inflation to push prices up. This may take a while to reach this point. 

The value of housing is bound to decrease as the financial stability of people has become unstable due to the loss of jobs the pandemic has caused.

Hopefully, a quick recuperation of the value of the housing market will increase by 2021 as things will most likely stabilise as normalities form again.  

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