Are Property Prices Falling in the UK?

Posted on 14 January 2020

This is a MASSIVE question that is on everyone in the ‘Property Game’s’ minds. Are property prices going to fall in 2020? If so, then this could effect everyone. Traders, Landlords, Estate Agents and even buyers. This would, in turn mean that there could be a lot more business because people may be worried and more likely to sell their properties, or buyers may be more encouraged to buy properties due to the lower prices.

According to reports, this year its looking likely that property prices will increase. However, there is obviously no guarantee whether this is going to happen or not. But due to the fact that the conservative party won by a landslide, it seems that the property market could see a short term increase. This however as a short term increase, means that the rest of 2020 is uncertain, especially due to the complications with Brexit.

Another expert had his say on the matter, and he commented that… “Across the UK, new build house prices have increased by 4.6 per cent in the last 12 months alone, compared to just 0.6 per cent across the wider market. While this increase is smaller in London at 1.9 per cent, the capital’s wider market has declined by -1.2 per cent during the same time.”

This shows, that while 2020 seems so unexpected and hard to judge the property market, most experts are expecting a rise in property values within the first few months. However, for the rest of the year it seems as if no one has a clear understanding on what may happen to property prices.

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